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High Value VIP

Canfinse Group Inc. understands homes of all styles and ages: condominiums, cooperatives, apartments, century-old row homes and newly built residences.

We also understand that your home is a major investment, both financially and emotionally. If anything disastrous should happen to your home, you'd want an insurance policy broad enough to help repair, replace or rebuild as it was before. The truth is that not all policies will do this. Canfinse has partnered with Canada's respected insurers and offer high value products that offer choices and features not typically found in standard policies.

Valuable homes, condos, appartment building, valuable items such as jewellery, art collections and items, watercraft, high performance and values watercrafts and vehicles, collector cars, excess personal liability and family protection are just some of our High Value series products offerred by Canfinse. Contact Marianna Michael at vip @ canfinse.com for more information or phone us at 416-667-9177 for more informaton.



Presenting our Chubb Series:


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