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Event Insurance

Canfinse Group Inc. offers a wide range of Event Insurance products. Whether it is a private event or a national promotional campaign we are your trusted risk management partner. Over the years we worked with Canada's largers and trusted event organizers and venues. We understand the challenges of putting a special event together and are here to offer our expertise.

Wish to discuss a specific event? Need help putting a promotion together? 416-667-9177 or moc.esnifnac@stneve.

Event Liability is designed for short term events and provides general liability and property coverage. With premiums starting at just $75, this product was designed with the following events in mind:

Event Cancellation is designed to protect your investment into an event should it be cancelled due to certain covered risks - such as an outbreak of a desease, illness of key participants or weather conditions. Show organizers, contact us to learn how you can add value to your exhibitors and make your event a success!

Prize indemnity This product allows you to offer special promotions or contests without having to carry the full financial burden. We work closely with your promotional budget and will offer the maximum payout structure possible within your budget.

Adverse weather (film) A financial burden of gathering the entire filming crew at a specific location for a duration of time can be devastating if the weather does not co-operate. Our Adverse Weather product allows you to plan your projects with a peace of mind. This product is designed with Film, Advertisement and other productions in mind.

Measured Weather Events This product allows you to offer contests tied into weather conditions and would maximize your promotional budget. For our travel agency clients an example would be a promotion that would offer a certain monetary reimbursement should it snow at least 5cm at Pearson on a specific day!

Wish to discuss a specific event? Need help putting a promotion together? 416-667-9177 or moc.esnifnac@stneve.

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