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Business Insurance

Each business is unique. Your insurance policy should not be a one-fit-all package. We offer insurance coverage that is cost effective and offer unique protection in case of a loss.

Realty. Our realty portfolio features commercial plazas, retail malls, industrial malls, restaurant malls, residential housing, including apartment building, duplexes, triplexes, etc., rented dwelling, including student and rooming housing. Whatever the situation - occupancy, claims, values - we have products and markets for all your needs.


Retirement Residences. Our products feature no Aggregate Liability Limits, Administrators Professional Liability, Medical Malpractice, All Risk Replacement Cost Property coverages, Residents' Contents Coverage, Contingent Business Interruption, Food Spoilage, Suppliers Extensions, Abuse and more. Call us today for a no obligation quote.


Condominium Corporations. We are pleased to offer comprehesive and competitively priced insurance package policies tailored to property management firms and individual property managers. Our product features generous Property Coverage, General Liability, Professional Liability, Directors and Officers Liability and Fidelity. Canfinse Group Inc. is a member of Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO).

We work very closely with some of Canada's largest Risk Management companies to assist our client experiencing claims frequency or severity. Through these collaborations we manage claims exposures and rehabilitate our clients and help them manage their insurance premiums.


Colleges, Private Schools, Daycares, Nursing Schools, Theatrical and Performing Arts. Children are precious and our goal is to ensure a safe learning environment for students and teachers. Our Products offer Property, Loss of Business Income, Crime, General Liability, Educator’s Errors & Omissions Liability, Abuse, Directors and Officers Liability, Umbrella Liability.


Religion and Faith. We offer the most appropriate coverage for each situation, including physical and sexual abuse. The basic product covers Property, Loss of Income, Crime, General Liability, Pastoral Counseling, Child Protection Coverage and more. We cover Stained Glass, Pipe Organs or Religious Artifacts.


Retail. Whether a Halal Meat Shop, a Pharmacy, a Varierty or Flooring store, our products offer unique coverages to keep you protected where you need most. Our policies feature Infestation, Contamination, Evacuation Business Interruption, generous Property Coverages and extensions, General Liability, Employee Fidelity, Commercial Automobile and other coverages that may be required. Call us today for a no obligation policy review and quote.


Business and Professional Services. With more responsibilities on shoulder of professionals now more than even, our policies offer comprehensive Professional Liability, Malpractice, General Liability, and Property coverages where needed. We help you identify risks you and your business are exposed to and manage these risk with our insurance products.


Associations. We have great success placing group programs for various Associations. Our Programs feature preferred member pricing, unique coverages, dedicated staff and prompt claims handling, and will drive your membership!


Franchise Programs. If you are looking to add benefits to your Franchise Programs - consider insurance! Contact us to discuss how we can bring value to your organization.


Builder’s Risks. Our products line includes Property In Course of Construction, Wrap Up Liability, General Liability. We cover vacant, occupied, partially occupied or unoccupied dwellings - whether gut and rebuild, major or minor renovations.


Contractors. We understand the demands of your business. Contractors rented equipment, Tools, Equipment, Excavation, Tunneling, new Subdivisions, Highrise or custom built houses - we have insurance solutions for you.


Commercial Automobile and Fleets. Our staff includes past Commercial Claims Adjusters and we know the Auto business. Long haul, Local operations, Contract or Private Carriers, USA exposures, High value cargo - our products also offer Training and Risk Management Services.


Directors and Officers Liability. Whether for profit or not for profit, our products feature a wide range of coverages such as Misleading representations, Neglect or breach of duty, Breach of contract or copyright infringement, Unpaid wages, "Oppressed" shareholders creditors or employees, Unpaid taxes, Conflict of interest, Improper dividend payments, Improper issuance or repurchase of shares, Take-over defenses (poison pill), Breached debt covenants, Failure to ensure the corporation meets its financial obligations, Wrongful Dismissal.


Manufacturers. Our products feature Product Recall Expenses, Failure to Manufacture to Customers Specifications, Production Machinery, Professional Liability, General Liability and Property with generous coverage extensions.


Charities. We offer unique protections designed to safeguard volunteers, donations, and fundraising activities, including the cost of attracting volunteers following a loss, and media expenses. These products also offer employee and volunteer dishonesty coverage.


Wholesalers. Our products feature Product Recall, including cost of the recalled product, Worldwide Defense Costs, Delay Shipment, Infestation, Contamination, Spoilage Coverages, General Liability, Property and much more.


For more information or to request a quote, call us at 416-667-9177 or email us at moc.esnifnac@mmoc.

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