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About Us

Canfinse Group Inc.

At the heart of Canfinse Group Inc. is vision. Vision is the talent that sets Canfinse apart as leaders. Vision is the driving force that brings Canfinse’s clients back repeatedly. Based in Toronto, Canfinse uses its vision to deliver excellence and achieve success across the risk-taking insurance business.

Canfinse established strong relationships with Canada’s and International leading insurers.

Canfinse writes both personal and commercial insurance. The Group employs approximately 50 people, based in Ontario.

Our Brand

Canfinse’s brand clearly defines the core of Canfinse; it illuminates Canfinse’s delivery of excellence and achievements in the risk-taking insurance and wholesale business.

Our Visions And Values

Core values and performance standards

Canfinse is driven by a set of values and approaches to our work that enable us to maintain the highest level of service and underwriting talent. They are:


Integrity – integrity enhances our working environment. Hand in hand with integrity comes honesty, courtesy and ethical behaviour. Our clients and business contacts rightly expect the highest standards from us including respect for the confidentiality of information. Good manners is good business.

Commitment – we want our staff to be committed to working at Canfinse, and to want to improve. The competition we face is strong, so we appreciate what our staff do for us, and we want them to understand that what they do matters and makes a difference. Mistakes will be made, but we are tolerant of mistakes; what we are intolerant of is complacency, people who don’t care.

Initiative – we compete by simultaneously building on traditional strengths and embracing change. We encourage debate, innovation and new ideas. However senior or junior you may be, if you have a good idea we want to hear it.

Teamwork – the ethos of the team lies at the heart of all we do. Encouraging and supporting colleagues by congratulating them when things go well, by communicating openly and freely, this is how confidence in and respect for colleagues is built and maintained.

Performance standards

Leadership – take responsibility for one’s ideas and actions. Look to develop the talents of colleagues and thereby optimise the team’s performance. Motivate and inspire colleagues to work efficiently and effectively while remaining approachable and supportive.

Accountability – take ownership of and be accountable for the completion of work in a timely and self-confident manner. Communicate the status of one’s work with relevant parties, managing expectations appropriately.

Aspiring for best results – retain the desire and the commitment to deliver outstanding results, continually striving to achieve higher standards, to improve, and to exceed expectations.

Personal development – display an ongoing commitment to learning and self-improvement.


Canfinse Group Inc. is a privately owned, independent brokerage established in 1998. Canfinse’s originally operated as a Life Insurance Brokerage. By 2007 the company’s expanded its operations into general insurance business with obtaining RIBO licensing.

By 2010 Canfinse was licensed to conduct business in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and PEI.

Canfinse continuous to establish itself as an industry leader in niche products. The Group’s insurer portfolio continues to grow, with most recent addition of Lloyd’s markets.

The Group’s underwriting strategy continuous to focus of profitable long-term relationships with our partners.

Canfinse’s long-term commercial success depends upon ethical treatment of its partners, clients, and staff; on its relationship with the community in which it operates; and on its approach to environmental issues. Canfinse’s policies in these areas, which have been built on a stakeholder review conducted in 2007, are therefore central to its business practice.


Canfinse’s website offers a complete disclosure of our Interests and Compensation Statement.


Canfinse’s clients can expect the Group’s staff to uphold its reputation for professionalism and integrity. The staff handbook and procedures manuals provide clear statements to the Group’s staff of Canfinse’s corporate values and they are consistent with its regulatory

obligations. They are reviewed annually to keep pace with changing commercial and regulatory circumstances. Potential conflicts of interest or duty facing the directors of Group companies are addressed in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act. In addition, all directors and staff record gifts and corporate entertainment they receive in excess of a modest threshold. Moderate hospitality is an accepted business courtesy, but there are strict limits imposed on the entertainment by Canfinse’s staff of the Group’s clients. Agreements entered into by the Group with insurance intermediaries are fully disclosed to clients. Canfinse has no corporate political affiliations and makes no political donations of any kind.


Canfinse’s success in attracting, retaining and motivating the highest calibre staff at all levels is dependent not simply on salary levels, but also on the Group’s input to training, equal opportunities, family life, health and safety, extra-curricular team activities and equity participation. Canfinse’s commitment to these aspects of HR management benefits the Group by underpinning staff commitment to Canfinse and providing opportunity for personal development. Both in-house and external training is led by the appraisal system, which identifies skills gaps and development needs. Staff are recruited, trained, and rewarded on the basis of merit and contribution to Canfinse, irrespective of their sex, age, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, political persuasion, or party or union membership. Working wholly or partly from home, where this is feasible for the role, is supported by IT provision. This forms part of Canfinse’s flexible working arrangements for parents of younger children and helps to recruit and retain the best people.

Canfinse aims to provide a safe working environment and to promote good health among staff. The Group’s health and safety policy forms part of the staff handbook and is published on the Group’s intranet. Canfinse carries out regular reviews to ensure that office equipment is safe and properly used.

Canfinse’s All Employee Share Ownership Plan was introduced in 2013. Now operating as the Share Incentive Plan (SIP), it enables staff at all levels in the Group to build a stake in Canfinse. Increased equity participation is not simply an attractive employee benefit. The resulting alignment of the interests of staff fosters long term staff commitment to Canfinse.


Canfinse deals fairly, openly and in accordance with agreed terms of trade with its suppliers and other business partners.


Canfinse’s support for community programmes that contribute positively to society benefits the Group by providing its staff with team-building tasks and opportunities outside the work place for personal development. The Group’s Charities Committee has an annual budget of $10,000. Staff participate in sponsored events raising funds for charities in which they havea particular interest. Subject to a cap, Canfinse matches the funds raised. Some funding is given following staff nominations of charities and there is a particular emphasis on the support of charities for which the

Group’s donation will make a difference. Canfinse also supports staff who give their time and effort to various Community Programmes.


Canfinse is committed to a rigorous recycling and waste policy. All paper, glass, cans and, where possible, plastics are recycled. Many of the environmental initiatives have been promoted by members of staff. A review of the Group’s paper archive was implemented in 2008 and the storage arrangements were revised in 2013 to reduce the physical archive. Where possible, unwanted paper records are recycled, improving data security, and the environmental impact of document recovery is reduced by recalling scanned records. Within the limits of a multi-tenanted building, Canfinse is working to reduce energy consumption. Where possible, computer equipment is switched off at night and lighting systems are programmed. The document management system was overhauled in 2009, not only to improve business practices, but also to reduce paper consumption. Double-sided printing and copying equipment is provided across all areas of the business. No company cars are provided and staff use mass public transport wherever possible on the Group’s business.

Memberships and Affiliations

Canfinse is member of various organizations outlined below. Canfinse adheres to highest standard of care and ethics set by these organizations.

The Group continues to review policies in those areas over which it has direct control, such as working practices and community involvement, and to support credible initiatives for making a positive contribution in other areas where Canfinse’s impact is less direct

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